Photo of the Saint Marys River with 2 people kayaking. Photo of the Saint Marys River with 2 people kayaking.

Wildlight | Its purpose & plan

From the beginning, Wildlight has had a single overarching objective: to help Nassau County address its challenges and grow in a smart, healthy way. The purpose of this website is to provide both an overview of Wildlight — its goals, its history, its current status and its plan for the future — as well as pertinent details about the community.


The location

Located along I-95 and the newly expanded A1A — about 20 minutes from Amelia Island, downtown Jacksonville and Jacksonville International Airport — Wildlight is positioned not only to accommodate growth but to give Nassau County a logical channel for growth.

How we got here

Well over a decade ago, Nassau County officials asked Rayonier to help lead an effort to plan for the rapid growth coming to Northeast Florida. As the County’s largest landowner, Rayonier was able to work with the County to create a plan that addresses key challenges, such as traffic, job creation, housing availability and access to nature, while at the same time meeting the need for fiscal responsibility.

Wildlight today

When the first phase of Wildlight broke ground in 2016, it had been assigned a long list of goals for job creation, home construction, school-building and so forth. So far, Wildlight has met all of its initial goals and has surpassed a number of them.

The next chapter

With the first phase of Wildlight well underway, the detailed plan for the remainder of Wildlight is in its final stages of refinement and approval. The primary objectives for this next chapter of Wildlight are to make much-needed infrastructure improvements, provide land for civic facilities such as parks and schools, create public access to nature and offer a wider variety of new homes.

Who is Rayonier?

Rayonier is a longtime corporate citizen of Nassau County. The company’s history as a sustainable provider of timber goes back almost a century here. Over that time, Rayonier has grown to become the County’s largest landowner and one of its leading job creators and taxpayers. Although Rayonier maintains operations in multiple states as well as New Zealand, its corporate headquarters is located here in Wildlight. Nassau County is our home. So nothing is a higher priority for us than helping Nassau County continue to be an exceptional place to work and live.

Wildlight is owned and is being developed by Raydient, a taxable REIT subsidiary of Rayonier.

Rayonier in Nassau County

1937 Rayonier’s Initial Land Purchase in Nassau County
123,235 acres Land Ownership
$150,000 Annual Contributions to Local Non-profits
$1.34 million 2021 Ad Valorem Taxes Paid to Nassau County
Map showing Rayonier's land holdings in Nassau County, Florida. Rayonier Land Holdings in Nassau County

“Rayonier has been part of Nassau County for nearly 100 years. Our roots run very deep in this region. Our forestry mission has always been about enhancing and sustaining the region’s natural resources, economic health and quality of life. Our community development mission is the same.”

Chris Corr SVP, Real Estate Development Rayonier

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